Electronauts Industrial Enclosures

Small Repeatable Enclosures

Electronauts is a UL 508A panel shop that focuses on repeatable high volume smaller enclosures. We have great systems and processes in place to handle these types of panels and are able to meet tight timelines. Our quality controls help eliminate errors and allow us to produce a lot of work in very little time. We can work from a defined print or help our customers with layout or a design.  

Electronauts Industrial Enclosures

Large Enclosures

Electronauts also has the capability to do larger 2 door plus enclosures. These panels are different from the smaller ones in size alone and require additional equipment and manpower. We use the same process for both the smaller and larger enclosures and build to our customers' specification or custom design. We recently, invested in a Modcenter 280 to help streamline our fabrication process and to improve quality. 

Electronauts Steinhauer Modcenter

Panel Fabrication

The Modcenter 280 was a recent investment for Electronauts due to an increased demand in control panels over that past 2 years.  This machine will cut, drill, tap, and mill into any size enclosure and any material type. Made for control panels, the Modcenter 280 reduces the labor required to cut into a panel by 80%.  This CNC machine cuts out the enclosures, the backplanes, and any thru hole operation. Please call us for a quote if you need an enclosure modification.

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