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IT professionals in a variety of industries are already planning for increased use of IoT solutions now. Many devices in the IoT system deliver mission-critical information that requires a specific level of QoS (Quality of Service). Large IoT systems can contain thousands of devices or sensors, and manually provisioning and managing all of these endpoints is complex. Automated onboarding enables the network infrastructure to dynamically recognize devices and assign them to the appropriate secured network. Let’s start the conversation!

Electronauts - wireless

Wireless Networking

Electronauts has recently partnered with Alcatel-Lucent (ALE) and is the exclusive Channel Partner for ALE in the Greater Cincinnati Market. ALE has been an OEM for wireless equipment for decades and provides top of the line wireless networking equipment. We are excited to be selling such great products that are dependable and work in many different environments. ALE is a full-service provider of wireless networking equipment. We can offer a complete solution at cost competitive rates and give you peace of mind that your network will perform to your expectations.

Electronauts Communication System

Communication Systems

Through our unique relationship with ALE, we have the capabilities to offer phone systems to our customer as well. These systems can be integrated into wireless networks and managed in the cloud or at your location. In today’s IoT world, where everything is connected, it is important to have all devices communicating so that everything operates to optimal performance. So many new features are available within a connected environment and ALE/ Electronauts is at the forefront of this tech curve. These capabilities include: emergency response, remote monitoring, group notifications, etc.

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