Telecom Services


Quick Turnaround!


"Electronauts has been a trusted partner of Mobile Network Supply for over 10 years now. We have worked closely with their team to design custom products, resell, repair and refurbish equipment, and source hard to find parts that our customers require. They work diligently to exceed expectations and we value our relationship and their commitment to delivering high quality, low cost equipment."

Account Manager

Mobile Network Supply

Re-tuning (Filters)


We can take most RF filters and tune or re-tune them to your bandwidth and frequency specifications. Not all filters are alike, so send us your specifications and let us help you accomplish your RF filter objectives! In rare circumstances, we might ask to send us your filter to determine if we can meet your specifications.

Asset and Recovery


New, used, and replacement cabinets, breakers, rectifiers, filters, rf radios, cables, circuit boards, patch panels, dsx panels, fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic cables, SFP’s, networking hardware, racking systems, mounting hardware, connectors, and wire on hand and ready for immediate delivery. Call us and see if we have what you need!



Since 1979, we have had huge success in repairing and refurbishing used equipment. We have taken old beat up cabinets from our customers and turned them into cabinets that look like new. There isn’t anything from a repair or refurbishment standpoint that we haven’t been able to accomplish. Challenge us!

Engineering Services


 Our team of engineers has vast knowledge of the electronics markets and can provide solutions that are reliable and will work. We have redesigned obsolete parts, designed and built our own brand of wire, manufactured circuit boards, configured and optimized cellular networks. Bring us your challenge, and see us solve it!



Everything we build is tested before it ships as part of our quality process. We have the capabilities to test any device and troubleshoot the problems and look at repairing the problem if it can be repaired. Sometimes, the repair won’t make economic sense and we will be honest and communicate that to you up front.